The hard chrome plating service has been applied in several industrial sectors for several decades:

Industry, mechanical, chemical, food, automobile, pharmaceutical, graphic, plastic, rubber, textile, glass, agricultural, oil and gas, leather, footwear, pulp and paper, steel, mining, packaging, aerospace, ceramics, Naval, optics , Air compressors and refrigeration, possessing versatility in both preventive and corrective maintenance.

Galvanochrome provides treatment and surface coating services of hard chromium for the most diverse applications:

SPECIALISTS in compression, injection and extrusion molds, we perform hard chrome plating on all kinds of technical parts, rods, shafts, cylinders, rolls, among others.
We are holders of production lines with the ability to perform hard chrome plating in large quantities.
Maximum current capacity: up to 20,000 Kg – dimensions up to 3000x2000x2500

Materials that can be hardchromed

All types of steels with or without heat treatment and on special care grey cast irons, aluminum alloy parts, copper and brass.