GALVANOCHROME is dedicated to providing services in the area of hard chrome plating and has a team of professionals with several years of experience accumulated in the various types of specialties available. Always focused on customer needs, Galvanochrome is based on a philosophy of commitment, continuous improvement and innovation. In 2015, it implemented a quality system according to the NP EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard, being certified by SGS. This is the recognition by SGS of the quality of the services provided and the good management practices of the company. In 2018 the quality system was renewed in accordance with the requirements of the standard version, NP EN ISO 9001: 2015.



GALVANOCHROME’s mission is to provide industrial chrome plating services in all types of parts. We intend to be a company of national and international reference, due to the quality of the services provided in our branch of activity, combining experience, qualified labor and certified raw materials used.


All the company’s activity is developed looking for the satisfaction and loyalty of the Clients, having, based on their needs and expectations.
GALVANOCHROME is supported by the following fundamental Values:

  • Competence and Professionalism;
  • Discipline and rigor placed in each work that is developed;
  • Commitment and Trust;
  • Integrity and Ethics.

Quality Policy

Galvanochrome as a reference company in the area of hard chrome plating, has a perception of the added value that represent the experiences and capabilities obtained throughout our still brief history of activity, based on intercommunication and a commitment to comply with the requirements of the clients, legal and stakeholders, as well as the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.
This Quality Policy is based on the fact that we intend to be a national and international reference company, due to the quality of the services provided in our branch of activity, combining experience, qualified labor and the quality raw materials used, constituting the foundations for our success to be assured. Having a perception of the importance of Quality and, for this to be a success factor in producing satisfactory results, Management defines its Quality Policy according to the following objectives:

  • To guarantee the quality of the service in accordance with the requirements and expectations of the customer, this offering an excellent service;
  • Garantir ser capaz de apresentar soluções para os serviços adequados às necessidades dos clientes, demonstrando assim a sua capacidade para cumprir objetivos e superar desafios;
  • Ensure compliance with deadlines agreed with customers.

These objectives are structured according to the reference standard NP EN ISO 9001 and, this Quality Policy is supported by a formal system of communication, action planning and execution control, which are part of Galvanochrome’s way of functioning. Thus, Management undertakes to ensure compliance with this Quality Policy and its periodic updating, if necessary.

Edition No. 3 of 03/15/2018

Supplier Evaluation Method

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